Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's Celebrate & Support One Another

Hi Ladies,

How are we this evening? I've been extremely busy at work!!! I wish I could sit back and focus on this venture full time. That's how important it is to me, but the bills must be paid:-)

Topic: Developing a positive work environment.

When we enter a new place of business, I believe it's extremely important to develop professional and respectful relationships with fellow staff members. People should work together to accomplish the goal of the company. If we are working together for a common goal, why do we work against each other? Why do we talk about the other person instead of helping the other person?

I have a difficult time understanding this especially since I am in the business of children!! Is it me or should people learn to agree to disagree BUT GET THE JOB DONE??????

Much love & Support

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  1. I understand your sentiments. Especially since I put my students at school nearly above my own health and well being. In addition, I agree that we should all work toward a common goal whether we like or loathe each other personally. The problem is when people are too focussed on the problem of who they working with rather than the problem on the job. Also, I think that flexibility is important in all areas of a professional life. If you are not willing to change than no one will change for you.

    My question is this:
    What do you do when you have tried to help? When you have played the role of mediator to many who are at odds over silliness, and the person who wants everyone to change around him or her refuses to change ? When not only does he or she refuse to change but also refuses to acknowledge that the job is not getting done and the people around him or her allow this to continue? How do you continue to do your job to the best of your ability when you are constantly being ambushed by the work that someone else is not doing AND that person continues to take your work and let people think she is doing just as much?

    I hope this doesn;t sound negative, but I have honestly been thinking about this all week, I am normally not the type of person who even thinks about what others do or say but I have been effected this week by the decisions of others and this is weighing on my heart.