Tuesday, February 23, 2010

As we journey around the track along life's journey: we will trip, we will stumble, we will leap over some hurdles and yes we will fall but we MUST get up and continue our race!

Can you imagine facing divorce, the potential loss of your MOTHER and working with your husband and his mistress! Well I can and I did!
I want you to know you are stronger than you can ever imagine!

As I enter the next phase of my life, I would like to share my experience and I would like for you to share as well. Through sharing we are healing and helping others. I can only pray you join me!


  1. Hmmm, how quickly the ground crumbles and we seem to lose our Identity. Who am I? Mom, daughter, sister, wife, professional, friend, singer, writer? Sure, but they can all crumble with the journey. So freeing then, as we find our identity as being a woman, strong, loving, smart, confident, honest, caring but most of all the never changing position as a Child of the King.

    Your strength is so inspiring!!!

  2. you are one of the strongest people i know. i am continuously inspired by your strength. keep it up lady. i look forward to hearing more!

  3. Thanks Lady Elisabeth......that's all I want...to inspire!!! and as a child of the King, it was only by His grace I was able to survive!!

    Meredith...without a strong support system(friends & family) the road would have been more challenging!

  4. I miss you and I admire your strength and character. I too look forward to more! xo

  5. What I admire most is through this most difficult journey, your undeniable strength and perseverance allowed you to blossom like a rose out of concrete. I look forward to seeing you continue to blossom and inspire others GOD is good.

  6. In response to question:
    f someone will not let you in the only thing I can think of is to pray for their heart to be softened. Look for any ways that the person will let you in and let the person know you are there no matter what happens. People are often closed off especially if they are struggling and then we struggle because we want to fix everyone because we do not want anyone to suffer. When you know the pain it is often difficult to watch someone else go through any kind of pain. It id important to be patient and to sit back and let God.

  7. On the track of the journey we call life, there are many hurdles to jump. These hurdles are the challenges that God places in front of us on a daily basis, some small and some ten feet tall. We can jump and clear the hurdle and move on to the next one or we jump, not clear the hurdle, trip and fall.

    I've have had my fair share of hurdles this past year. A seperation, divorce, moving, learning how to live as a single person after 15 years, becoming a single parent of two are just to name a few.

    Through all of it, I know that I have to keep running my race, not to win but just to finish at some point. I'm by no means an expert in this race, but one thing I do know is that when I trip and fall, God is there to pick me up and dust me off. Once He's done he sends me on my way to take on the next hurdle in my life's journey and I'm still in the race!